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Kevin Clay-El Bio

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As a child Kevin was learning songs for church with the other children and  to the teacher's surprise, Kevin was the only child singing on pitch. She asked him to sing various notes she played on the piano and he was able to do it with out hesitation. The teacher suggested to his parents that he play the violin. Kevin started playing violin at the age of seven. At eight years old Kevin played in Depaul University's Youth Orchestra referred by his Teacher, Mary Rosen.

Kevin took an acoustic guitar class at the age of twelve and much to his enjoyment, He found that the hand dexterity he developed from his violin training allowed him to make music on the fretted instrument
quite easily. After adjusting himself with proper guitar technique, he started to playing bass guitar in churches, garage bands and with fellow musicians when and wherever he could. Primarily a Bass Player, he has played
Rhythm Guitar in many professional situations such as with the A.A.C.M., Gospel Quartet Groups, the Musa Abdumallah Jazz Quartet, studio recording sessions and teaching.

In highschool (John Marshall Harlan High School in Chicago) Kevin was a Music Major and studied music theory with Mr. A. Bankston Owens, sang in the Advanced Male Chorus under the direction of Carol Butler, Advanced
Mixed-Chorus under the direction of Effie Gardner, sang in All-City High School Chorus under the direction of Ms. Venoris Cates, Ralph Bunton & Mr. Harry Baldessari at Jones Commercial High School from 1973-1976. He
regularly represented Harlan in City-Wide Vocal Solo and Ensemble Competitions.

In addition, Kevin is an experienced Analog Studio Recording Engineer, and Songwriter having sold two "House Music" songs in the 1980's to "Mitch Ball Records." Kevin also plays hand percussions, congas,
djembe, clave and cowbell. Kevin loves the supportive role of Bass Player in the Rhythm Section of a Band.

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